Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Family Portrait

I went to my boyfriend Johns house for the weekend to do some shooting and celebrate his grandfathers 89th birthday. I took some pictures for his family and one for my project here at Hallmark. The first picture I took was the portrait I used for my project (it couldn't include John because he's a student and I also couldn't include his sister Fellicia because I used her in another outdoor shoot which I will post soon) So I had his mother, father, brother Joey and grampa ( who dosn't speak much english) They were such great sports, letting me rip apart their living room and having them all dress alike. His grandfather was so funny during the photo shoot. He kept mumbling in polish during the shoot, which everyone understood but me. This made everyone laugh and I just kept shooting. The second images is of Johns family that I took for them to have. I love the pictures and his family!

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