Saturday, January 29, 2011

Brindy and Adam

So Brindy happens to be one of my best friends, and shes getting married! AH! This is crazy!
Okay, I'm better, I just needed to freak out for a second.
So we took these pictures at Fox Hill Farm which is so beautiful. Katherine does floral arrangements brides! Beautiful ones!
I love this couple, I don't know what I'd do without them in my life. I am so very lucky. I mean, Adam came over to take my studio door of the hinges because I locked myself out. It was the coldest night and it was during dinner time, DINNER TIME, if anyone knows Adam , they know he loves his dinner.
And Brindy is always helping me, coming over to help me move or clean or paint. Shes wonderful. She's the best listener and friend a girl could ask for. I love you both.


I love love love this beautiful family. Jordan is the happiest little boy, and I sure growing up so quickly. I havnt seen them since the end of summer. We had a early morning shoot- morning light is the best, not doubt about it. We took the pictures on a beautiful dirt road that my cousin lives on, so I knew it well.
I mean- look at that face? How can you not fall in love?


How pretty is this girl? And she has the biggest heart. Her family welcomed me like I was one of their own. Emily loves animals, as you can see. The bunny, well not this bunny, the first one we tried to photograph, (I think his name was foofoo) ran away. Don't worry, he was just running around in the yard for the rest of the day. You should have seen me trying to catch the little speed demon. It was pretty funny. Anyway, Emily lives on a beautiful lake that we used as well. I had so much fun with her and all of her furry friends. :)

Monday, January 24, 2011


I feel like Lora and I have alot in common. We have the SAME clothing styles, I mean I wanted everything that she wore. I even offered to barter her clothes for the shoot- just kidding, well kinda. We are both crazy cat people. Yes- cats, deal with it. We did the session at this amazing park in scranton, that I cant wait to go back too. It was just a really fun shoot. Oh it was also cold, very bitter cold. For some reason I am always photographing in the tundra, also known as PA. Thanks Lora!

Kaitlyn and Jon

This year I had the chance to photograph two sets of twins, I actually shot them on the same day. Which was pretty cool/coincidental. It's funny, because I always thought that twins probably get sick of one another, that they dislike sharing almost everything with their twin. I was so wrong, Jon and Kaitlyn and the other set of twins I photographed love spending time together. And they both wanted to have their senior sessions together. I guess it's a twin thing.


I met this beautiful little girl at a park in Jeffersonville in October. Emerson loves Elmo, her dog, reading with her mom, purple lollipops, and of course playing. We spent the afternoon running around the playground and testing out the slide. It was great getting to spend time with her and her family, oh and take lots of beautiful pictures.

Monday, January 17, 2011


I have been photographing these cuties since before they were born. Love their parents! They will be coming in next week for their eight month portraits, but here is a little recap from their four month session!


So these two beautiful girls are my cousins, yes I am related to these gorgeous chickys. What I love so much about their shoot is that it was a surprise for my Aunt who had no idea that she was getting a huge wall portrait for Christmas of her girls. I told my Aunt Lori that I needed help on a shoot and could Jackie, (the blonde) and Taylor (the brunette)( -just clarifying) help me out. She found this really strange because Taylor is 12 and probably wouldn't want to help at 7am in the morning. Well, either would she found this weird but oh well. We spend the early morning in the cold photographing. These girls are dressed like it was July. Trust me, I was in boots, scarf, gloves winter coat. CHILLY. After the shoot the girls picked their favorites and I we got them to their house in Long Island for Christmas without Aunt Lori noticing. One of my favorite parts of the process is seeing a clients reaction. How their face lights up when they see the images of themselves or cry when they see portraits of their children. I couldn't see my Aunts reaction, which made me a little upset because I knew whatever her reaction would be, it would be huge, crazy, freaking out. I soon got a phone call early in the morning, from my Aunt, who was rambling about how much she loved her portraits, telling me that she couldn't stop crying. And this made my day. Because I knew she was happy and surprised and so grateful for her girls. What is a better Christmas gift then that?
I love my family-


I remember being a high school senior, scheduling my senior portraits for July. Praying that it didnt rain on that day, taking multiple shopping trips, because I needed one my shirt or matching earrings. I remember laying out my clothes a week before, making sure I was in love with everything. And getting my hair and nails done a couple days before. And then that day being so nervous that I was going to be photographed that I almost threw up. But I went and had my pictures taken, and had a blast. When I got them back I loved them, I looked like I was having fun, because I actually was. So when I opened my own photography studio, I wanted to make sure every single person had fun. That they leave and feel like the time flew and they cant wait to see the finished product. And so good.
Here are some of Gabbi's senior portraits. She's such a beautiful person, inside and out. It started to rain during the shoot, so we packed up and came back to the studio to continue the session. Rain cant stop me.
So here is the finished product. -love the one of her on the bench with the grass behind her.

Monday, January 10, 2011


Look at this smiling face, how cute is this little girl? She is playful, full of energy and so very loved. We ran around all evening at The Central House exploring together. How lucky am I? I get to play with kids all day. I am truly blessed, and so is Avery's family.

Avery and dad Jourdan playing.


So, whats better than love? Pretty much nothing, well maybe love and ice cream, which you will witness in a moment. But you have to admit that love is great. It's free and fun and it's probably my favorite session to photograph. I love them so much because I never have to tell a couple what to do, they just do it naturally. I love how fun and spontaneous the shoots are. And usually the guy at the end of the shoot says, I had fun... but don't tell anyone.
So as you can see Courtney and Landon are obviously in love, so I actually didnt have to do anything. They were just adorable and couldnt keep their hands off one another from the moment I saw them. I just love, love.

Like I said... love and ice cream. What can be better?

New, fun, very unsafe location I've been using... Main Street Honesdale.