Thursday, August 13, 2015

Olivia- A personal project

As a personal project I worked with the beautiful Olivia to create these images. We had the opportunity to take these at Sylvania Tree Farm located in the Village of Mast Hope, PA. The video you see above was shot by Nick McKay- my right hand man and partner. This was our first time working with video and video editing software.
Preparing for this shoot was different then my usual sessions. I had Carley Cordaro hired for hair and makeup. I rented the dresses Olivia's wearing from Rent the Runway. I scouted out each location around sunset to see what the light would look like and did a test shoot. I had a flower crown made from Honesdale Greenhouse , which turned out stunning. The preparation made the shoot exciting, and also I was afraid at the same time that one piece of the puzzle wouldn't come together. At the end of the shoot I was thrilled and fell in love with the images. We had a beautiful night, a stunning model, and I worked with incredible people to pull it all together. Thank you to everyone involved.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Puppy Love is back for it's 6th year!

Call us at the studio to schedule your pups portrait! 570.253.4040

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Collins Family

I LOVED this family portrait session and I am thrilled with the pictures we took. This family loves each other so much, and it was so wonderful to see.
Enjoy -G


I took Jessica's senior pictures near her house on Lake Wallenpaupack. We also included her boyfriend and her brother in some of the portraits. Oh- And her dog Snowball! It was a extremely warm day for November, and the shoot was fantastic. Jessica is so much fun. I had a blast with her, and loved meeting her family.


I had the most incredible shoot with Kelcie and her mom. Kelcie is beautiful inside and out. I'm so glad to have met her and her mom. We shot these images at 7am which is my favorite time to shoot. I'm not a huge morning person but  I love shooting when the sun is just coming up. The light is soft and beautiful. 
Enjoy- G

Monday, February 9, 2015

The Watsons

These portraits were taken as a Christmas gift for Lindsay and Scotts mom. I love when kids plan a surprise for their parents. I love that I am able to give this gift of memories, of love, of family. It's a pretty incredible feeling when I hear that mom and dad cried when opening their canvas of their children. 
Enjoy- G

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Ivah and Ellis

I've photographed these cuties the past two years. They are so funny, smart and sweet. I always enjoy photographing them and seeing how big they are getting.  Ivah and Ellis mom and grandmother are simply amazing. I love spending time with them. 
Enjoy -G

Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Miller Family

We took these images of this family at their house in Equinunk. I had such a fun time scouting out this beautiful location. The Millers and I were so happy with how the images turned out!


This little girl is happy all of the time. Every session we have she is smiling, content, excited. I always look forward to seeing her sweet little face. 
Enjoy -G

Snow day

How beautiful are these girls? We took the images on such a gorgeous snowy day.  I've been looking forward to photographing these sisters for a couple years now and I am so thrilled with the images.
Enjoy -G

Ellie, Luca and Marco

The birth of a baby is exciting. Even more so for the big brother and sister. Ellie and Luca are so sweet with baby Marco.  I was so happy to capture these moments. Moments of love, excitement and wonder.
Enjoy -G