Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Some images of my studio!

This post is mainly for my best friend Brianna in Colorado who wanted to see some pictures of my studio, but also for anyone else that cares. ha

So this is Gina Lenz Photography
located at 1111 Church St in Honesdale PA
It needs a good power wash and a some new paint, but hey, its super cute right?
Under my sign I did some landscaping, which is dying...why cant I keep any plants alive?
This is my sitting room when you first walk in, the door to come inside is right where I am standing. I just got the 40x50 canvas on the wall above the couch! L O V E
Another view of sitting room looking into my shooting area.
Look Jas- Your candle!
This is my shooting space.... not as big as I'd wish, but for now, its just fine. As you can see my seemless paper is mounted to the wall and rolls down. I have that awesome tile on the wall that I use alot! I also have some fake hardwood flooring, if I ever want to shoot down of a subject. Love the way it looks in images!
This is my projection room, clients come to view their portraits here. It is so much fun to see the images big on the screen!
I also must give a shout out to my friends that helped me paint this place, Ashley, Brindy, Kevin, Corey, Paul, Eric, Mom and Dad of course!
Another view
My dad has been a huge part of this studio... he is constantly coming to hang up all my equipment! Thanks Dad! Love you!
Oh, my messy office. This is where all the magic happens.
A view of the dressing room! Don't you just love the Dress Form in the corner? Found it in my grandmas barn.
Hope you enjoyed a quick tour of my studio! Stop by anytime!


Jessica Caitlin Melton said...

I love it Gina, I'm so happy for you. I will have to stop in for a visit next time I'm in town, I would love to see it in person!

Gage Thompson said...

Holy cow! That's a pretty sweet set up you got going there! I'm very excited for you. Keep up the awesome images!

Caroline said...

Drive past your studio daily, always wanted to come in! Now I have! Great to meet with you, one day we should work together on something? Such talent fused together for the greater good! Could move mountains! Love what I saw at the other gallery!
Wishing you a bright and blessed future!

Clinton Dene said...

if you don't recall.... i asked for these photos as well! Its about time. I love the studio!

Lisa said...

It really is even more beautiful in person than in ur photos...so glad i got to see you, if only briefly...excited to witness you succeed in what u love...

maureen cassidy said...

looks awesome!!!! ah a projection room!!! wonderful!