Thursday, August 13, 2015

Olivia- A personal project

As a personal project I worked with the beautiful Olivia to create these images. We had the opportunity to take these at Sylvania Tree Farm located in the Village of Mast Hope, PA. The video you see above was shot by Nick McKay- my right hand man and partner. This was our first time working with video and video editing software.
Preparing for this shoot was different then my usual sessions. I had Carley Cordaro hired for hair and makeup. I rented the dresses Olivia's wearing from Rent the Runway. I scouted out each location around sunset to see what the light would look like and did a test shoot. I had a flower crown made from Honesdale Greenhouse , which turned out stunning. The preparation made the shoot exciting, and also I was afraid at the same time that one piece of the puzzle wouldn't come together. At the end of the shoot I was thrilled and fell in love with the images. We had a beautiful night, a stunning model, and I worked with incredible people to pull it all together. Thank you to everyone involved.

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