Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Your Weekly Green~ Keeping Thanksgiving 'Local'

Thanksgiving is but a few weeks away and I'm sure many families have already begun to plan their feast.
Shopping local when you are planning your holiday is a great way to enjoy a meal that's better for the environment and local businesses.

Local food produced on smaller farms tend to be organic, raised without hormones, pesticides and best of all they are a lot tastier. Vegetarian options have an added benefit if you are watching your wallet. If that alone doesn't sell you, think about all of the fossil fuels saved. It does not use as much resources to transport food when it's grown practically in your own backyard!

Another great tip is to ditch the paper decorations. Why buy when you can run out back and decorate your  table with Fall's festive flowers, pine cones, and leaves?

So this Thanksgiving, don't forget to explore your backyard, local farms and markets and help Mother Nature while you're at it! 

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