Monday, November 25, 2013

Your Weekly Green ~ UpCycle

I hope I've been able to show you some of the ways you can live a cleaner, 'greener' life - saving energy, minimizing waste, supporting local business and maybe even saving a little money, too!

For this post I am excited to share a green trend that's rapidly gaining in popularity - UpCycling. In a nutshell, to upcycle is to reuse items that you probably would have thrown away. Turn them into something that you can use and it may be a different purpose then it's original design, which is great because you can get a little creative too.

Take that old trash can that you were going to throw out and use it as a backyard planter. Or use the mason jars that you may have piled up in your basement and make them into soap dispensers or you can even take an old bicycle wheel an make a clock!

The possibilities are endless and even better each step you take continues to help the environment. 

Super cool UpCycled bicycle wheel clock!

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