Monday, January 17, 2011


I remember being a high school senior, scheduling my senior portraits for July. Praying that it didnt rain on that day, taking multiple shopping trips, because I needed one my shirt or matching earrings. I remember laying out my clothes a week before, making sure I was in love with everything. And getting my hair and nails done a couple days before. And then that day being so nervous that I was going to be photographed that I almost threw up. But I went and had my pictures taken, and had a blast. When I got them back I loved them, I looked like I was having fun, because I actually was. So when I opened my own photography studio, I wanted to make sure every single person had fun. That they leave and feel like the time flew and they cant wait to see the finished product. And so good.
Here are some of Gabbi's senior portraits. She's such a beautiful person, inside and out. It started to rain during the shoot, so we packed up and came back to the studio to continue the session. Rain cant stop me.
So here is the finished product. -love the one of her on the bench with the grass behind her.

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