Monday, January 10, 2011


So, whats better than love? Pretty much nothing, well maybe love and ice cream, which you will witness in a moment. But you have to admit that love is great. It's free and fun and it's probably my favorite session to photograph. I love them so much because I never have to tell a couple what to do, they just do it naturally. I love how fun and spontaneous the shoots are. And usually the guy at the end of the shoot says, I had fun... but don't tell anyone.
So as you can see Courtney and Landon are obviously in love, so I actually didnt have to do anything. They were just adorable and couldnt keep their hands off one another from the moment I saw them. I just love, love.

Like I said... love and ice cream. What can be better?

New, fun, very unsafe location I've been using... Main Street Honesdale.

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