Monday, January 17, 2011


So these two beautiful girls are my cousins, yes I am related to these gorgeous chickys. What I love so much about their shoot is that it was a surprise for my Aunt who had no idea that she was getting a huge wall portrait for Christmas of her girls. I told my Aunt Lori that I needed help on a shoot and could Jackie, (the blonde) and Taylor (the brunette)( -just clarifying) help me out. She found this really strange because Taylor is 12 and probably wouldn't want to help at 7am in the morning. Well, either would she found this weird but oh well. We spend the early morning in the cold photographing. These girls are dressed like it was July. Trust me, I was in boots, scarf, gloves winter coat. CHILLY. After the shoot the girls picked their favorites and I we got them to their house in Long Island for Christmas without Aunt Lori noticing. One of my favorite parts of the process is seeing a clients reaction. How their face lights up when they see the images of themselves or cry when they see portraits of their children. I couldn't see my Aunts reaction, which made me a little upset because I knew whatever her reaction would be, it would be huge, crazy, freaking out. I soon got a phone call early in the morning, from my Aunt, who was rambling about how much she loved her portraits, telling me that she couldn't stop crying. And this made my day. Because I knew she was happy and surprised and so grateful for her girls. What is a better Christmas gift then that?
I love my family-

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